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About Bangladesh Internet Governance Forum (BIGF)

Bangladesh Internet Governance Forum (BIGF) is a multi-stakeholder organization aimed to illuminate issues and create ideas on internet usage in Bangladesh in association with the UN Internet Governance Forum (UN IGF). This domestic independent forum has engaged civil society, organizations, government, corporate sectors, technical sectors, media and academia to create partnerships, coalitions and dialogues that demonstrate best practices and help us to move the policy forward. BIGF members have attended 4th IGF in Sharm EL Sheikh, Egypt in 2009, 5th IGF in Vilnius, Lithuania in 2010 and the First Asia -Pacific Regional IGF (APrIGF) in Hong Kong on 14-17th June, 2010. Every year BIGF will arrange consultation regarding IGF in Bangladesh.

The objectives of BIGF is to support the establishment of a national forum of multi-stakeholder that is specialized in internet governance issues; to promote the development of internet governance as a recognized, interdisciplinary field of study, dialogue and research; to link theoretical and applied research and policy on internet governance; and to facilitate informed dialogue on policy issues and related matters between internet governance stakeholders (Government, private sector, civil society, media and academia).

BIGF Impacts

  • Policy Advocacy with ICANN for Top Level Domain (TLD) in Bangla from 4th UN IGF, Sharm El Sheikh, in Egypt in 2009. As a result, now Bangladesh has enjoying Dot Bangla (বাংলা) Top Level Domain (TLD).
  • Engage and involve concerned stakeholders including Government with ICANN Neo-Brahmi Generation Panel (NBGP) in Bangla. As a result, concerned stakeholders including Government involved and negotiated for developing the Root Zone Label Generation Rules (LGR) in Bangla. Now Bangla language will be incorporated in Top Level Domain and Cyber Space.
  • Strengthened capacities of Multi-stakeholders to participate effectively in internet Governance Process through Bangladesh School of Internet Governance (bdSIG). The process has been started from 2017. As a result, 115 stakeholders participated in three batches and approximate 50 policy experts, resource persons, policy makers attended and shared their knowledge.
  • Bangladesh Internet Governance Forum emerged from 2006 as first national IGF initiative for organic and independent forum that are discussion issues pertaining to internet governance in conjunction with UN Internet Governance Forum. As a result, 1300 multi-stakeholders participated in country level forum about IG process for 13 years from the perspective of their respective field while acting in accordance with main principles of the global IGF.
  • Bangladesh IGF delegates participate in UN IGF regularly and translate knowledge from regional and global IGF level and incorporate global knowledge to national and regional level through Bangladesh School on Internet Governance.


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